1. We do full management of your servers 24/7. Yes, we will initially harden your server, to prevent hacker attempts, install all needed security features and will have your server fully updated with all necessary security patches. Examples of softwares that will be installed to initially harden your server: APF Firewall, CHKRootKit, secure your ssh server, Mod_evasive, Mod_security, Ftp Hardening, etc. We also do not limit the admin time - meaning that you can submit a ticket at any time and request for us to add any third party software to your server that is supported by cPanel. We will gladly add that component to your server. We also do not limit the troubleshooting that we do on your server - if you have a script that is not working we offer support and will help you with that specific script being the problem is with the server support or script installation.


We offer 24/7 support to your hosting clients. What does that mean? We will answer your level I, II and level III tickets. We guarantee a response within 1 hour of the ticket being submitted and resolution time of 4 hours. Depending on the problem we will try to resolve your tickets momentarily of them being submitted. 

Will your clients know that you are using third party support company?

We can strongly answer this question as NO!. We will use your helpdesk, your signature and any other aspect of your company slogan/logo that you wish and we will offer totally anonymous support. 

Will you offer canned responses as all those other outsource support companies?

NO!. We offer fully customer targeted support, meaning we will do everything possible in our power to serve your clients as our own without any canned responses but true support that is customer friendly and customer targeted. 


We will also reboot and check your server if it is down or service as apache is unreachable.  Your servers will be monitored in 5 minute intervals.  If one of the services is down we will take the necessary steps to bring it up or submit a ticket to your datacenter for a reboot.

In short: we offer server security and optimization service, customer support from your helpdesk, and monitor your server. 

All that is done for unlimited number of tickets and unlimited number of servers for a monthly fee.

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Includes all the features from Plan #1 but we will also answer your sales tickets and offer 24/7 live chat support for both sales and technical support.

We will learn your plans, your prices and offer dedicated sales support as well as technical support. 

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